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Corporate Metal Solutions

About Us!

Corporate Metal Solutions, S.A is a Panamanian company; manufacturer and wholesaler of personalized articles that inspire programs of recognition of organizations, corporate and government sector, aiming to strengthen relationships between all those involved to achieve a single objective. CMS offers different options unlike local and regional companies, putting ourselves as an innovative option in the market. We have a team trained in each of the areas, to provide the best experience to the entire client portfolio.

The Staple of Branding & Recognition

Custom gifts and recognition should be of high quality, a clear brand image, the touch and feel component as well the appreciation of receiving a small gift wins the hearts and passion of your audience. Custom pieces can be inexpensive yet powerful item for recognition, corporate branding, message promotion.  These are great for conventions, course completion, years of service, customer appreciation, uniform identity and so much more! Corporate recognition and Incentive programs are key to all organizations synergy and training.

All companies are able to afford lapel pins with a custom design that can promote their brand to their prospects and keep client retention, to employee recognition for all aspects of the job and all are capable of being designed to provide a passionate response of appreciation.  Buying stock lapel pins can be good but they are not as effective for your bottom line, and the maintenance of employee and client synergy.


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Corporate Recognition and Incentive Programs

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