CMS Actively Donates KN95 and 3Ply Masks

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

Donation of 20,000 to Panama Front Liners Given the pressing shortage of crucial protective equipment, Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. are answering the call to donate as much as possible to those protecting the lives of others. CMS is committed to our communities and have donated so far 20,000 masks in Panama as well through Canada,…

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Centro Americanos Y Del Caribe Pines de Solapas

2022 Panama Centro Americano y del Caribe pines de solapas

PANAMÁ 2022 VIVE UN MOMENTO MUY ESPECIAL CON EL LANZAMIENTO DEL LOGO Y EL CONCURSO PARA CREAR LA MASCOTA OFICIAL DE LOS JUEGOS Estamos orgullosos de ser el proveedor oficial de pin de solapa para los juegos de Panamá 2022; los dos diseños elegidos presentan una técnica de esmalte de vidrio duro “cloisonné” y un…

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Pipes & Drums Band 642

Pipes & Drums 642

Supplier of Beret Badges Designing and manufacturing beret badges that need to be light in weight and high in detail can be a complex process. The Pipe Band 642 badge has a a 75 year history which they will be celebrating their anniversary in late 2020, the design has been in discussion for 10 years,…

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