The Global Thorn of Supply Chain Disruptions

Clients and distributors are feeling the pinch this year! While, suppliers and manufacturers feel the heat… It might not seem like it. But this year, things are a bit more complicated. You have probably noticed even your orders are slower to be dispatched than usual. The supply chain issues plaguing pretty much every market…

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Will Gold Plating Wear Off?

Gold plating will wear off and at the same time, will not. This depends solely on the item being plated in gold and the amount of gold karat used, but also how you manage your pieces. If it is insignias, or other items worn consistently, it will eventually wear off, unfortunately. This is because they only…

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How to Design a Challenge Coin


Challenge coins main core principals are meant to mean something to the person that’s handing them out and to the person that is receiving them.  At CMS, we are dedicated to fostering that emotional connection.  So, when you’re designing a challenge coin, that’s where it starts.  What is it supposed to mean when you palm…

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A thoughtful, well-timed corporate gift is key!

fábrica de medallas y monedas en Panamá

The majority of companies in Panama, including government departments suffer a lack of organization;as well understanding the impact of a well thought out recognition program provides. A thoughtful, well-timed corporate gift can strengthen your most valuable client relationships. But too often, corporate gifts are generic and uninspiring. The custom-made industry, like so many other segments…

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