Donation of 20,000 to Panama Front Liners

Given the pressing shortage of crucial protective equipment, Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. are answering the call to donate as much as possible to those protecting the lives of others. CMS is committed to our communities and have donated so far 20,000 masks in Panama as well through Canada, and USA. CMS joined the battle months ago and we will continue to help, we thank our loyal customers, and supporters because without your business CMS would not be able to provide and so you are part of our journey and this is what makes a community strong and thriving.

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Despacho de Ministro de Seguridad Comisionado Juan Pino.

CMS started in November 2016, and to date we have donated to various schools, church groups, police, firefighters, military, nursing homes since our opening. We have donated school supplies, clothing, shoes, medical supplies as well food. The 2020 pandemic has brought a new situations that has caused governments to have no quick solutions for providing safety equipment to front line workers.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

Comisionado Encargado de Operaciones Aeronavales presidenciales.

CMS is a small business here in Panama, but we are committed to Panama, it’s front line workers and we are proud to have so far donated to various sectors within the government. The masks we have donated are certified KN95 masks, and 3 ply none-surgical masks with FDA inspection. We believe here at CMS donating certified masks is the best choice to help protect our front-line-workers.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

Comisionado Alexis Muñoz - Sub Director de la Policía Nacional de la República de Panamá

CMS has also donated several of our UV-C light wands to front-line-workers to help with disinfectant of masks and other articles [phones, tape-water, bank machine buttons, to door knobs etc] chemical free UV-C light has been used in hospitals for over 30 years. It is now becoming more apparent for its importance in residential and commercial. Our UV-C wands are lab tested and passed for killing 99.9% , and have CE / FCC / RoHS. This UV-C wand in laboratory tests has proven the kill up to 99.9% H1N1 MRSA in 30 seconds.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.


Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. Came to providing masks at the request of our many clients needing a safe and secure source for certified masks, they knew they could trust CMS to provide this while providing a fair market price from the start. CMS has always been committed to fair prices, and best quality, this is one of our mottos and part of our corporate raw beliefs.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

UV Sanitizer

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

Adherbal de la Rosa-Sub-Director Nacional SINAPROC

CMS main business is the manufacturing of insignia articles but when we are asked to provide in another spectrum we will do our best; and we will always be part of the humanitarian support to Panama as much as we can.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

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