Commemoration / Challenge Coins

CMS has been producing prestigious commemoration coins, in solid sterling silver, gold, as well zinc, and brass for over a decade. Our skill and talent are your assurance that you won't find better quality anywhere else. Your satisfaction is important above all; We go above and beyond to make the entire ordering process as easy as possible.

CMS will beat or match any comparable product and quote! When you provide us proof of competitive quotation.

Each product is individually packed in a PVC pouch

CMS can provide custom orders of coins as low as one piece. We have pewter, zinc, steal, silver, brass, 10KT, 18KT, and 24KT options.

Once we have the general meaning of your coin laid out, now its time to fine tune what your challenge coin design should look like.

First and foremost, this is YOUR challenge coin, so stay away from all the clip art and tacky icons found on google and phone apps! That’s not a custom challenge coin, that’s a standard challenge coin and with your coin, you’re going to want something special from the start.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

Our designers create unique custom artwork, using their colors and emblems, to reflect the occasion and the achievements being recognized.

CMS General Questions

You will have the opportunity to view a detailed test that shows exactly how your coins will look, make changes until it is okay.

Corporate Metal Solutions

We'll keep you informed at every step of the production process, so you know precisely when your Challenge Coins will be delivered.

All Orders Require an Official Quote Prior to Confirmation of Your Order.

Size 50 100 300 500 1,000 2,000
1.5" $5.58 $3.39 $3.00 $2.93 $2.85 $2.81
1.75" $6.32 $3.85 $3.46 $3.42 $3.37 $3.33
2" $7.05 $4.29 $3.97 $3.92 $3.87 $3.83
2.25" $7.67 $4.85 $4.51 $4.45 $4.38 $4.33
2.5" $8.61 $5.75 $5.41 $5.29 $5.28 $5.23
2.75" $9.51 $6.32 $6.00 $5.77 $5.62 $5.57
3" $10.56 $6.88 $6.59 $6.22 $5.98 $5.93

Price does not include shipping
Price does not include tax or import tax
Mold Setup fee's may apply

Packaging is available to increase your presentation of your coins

Our standard (included) packaging option is the PVC coin pouch. These envelopes serve the basic purpose of protecting coins during shipment.

Corporate Recognition and Incentive Programs

Acrylic Box

Display and presentation in one small package. The acrylic coin box is not only dual purpose but does it with the added funcationality of keeping your coins dust and dirt free. These can be a bit fragile though, so are not the solution if you're looking for durability.

Corporate Recognition and Incentive Programs

Velveteen Box

A touch of elegance for the most special occasions. The velvet box is an attractive way to present, deliver or store your custom coins. Exuding class, this presentation option effectively conveys how important the contents are. The velvet boxes are available in black, red and royal blue. Custom colors and printing are also available. These are best for large ceremonies and also for situations in which you have to mail a coin to someone. Packaging has a huge role in perceived value and adding gravitas.

Corporate Recognition and Incentive Programs

Acrylic Capsules

These are a staff favorite and one of our most durable options. The coin capsule is the Swiss army knife of presentation options. When carrying your coin in your pocket, having a coin capsule protects the coin itself from your keys and loose change.

Corporate Recognition and Incentive Programs

Velveteen Bags

Our velvet bags are a great way to present coins and also serve the dual purpose of protecting a coin in a pocket or bag. The velvet bags come in black, red and royal blue and we can do custom dye lots and have imprinting options (including metallic).