Have you ever imagined having custom design jewelry or you had a particular look that you desire to achieve? You can get almost any type of design for your jewelry when you include corporate recognition jewelry in the picture. Whether you want it stunning and flashy, simple and classy; now, it gets simpler and even better with corporate recognition jewelry.

Everybody is unique and everybody is a celebrity by what they wear. Positive things are often said when it comes to wearing a customized jewelry design. For instance, it is rare to find a celebrity that wears the exact jewelry as another did. Custom made order is one of the factors that make everyone unique in wears. A lot of people believe that getting their own jewelry is just about telling a jeweler to imprint on them. The wide misconception of distributors, retailers or individual of the difference between custom made orders and custom imprinted product is made clear here.

Custom imprint items are already available on the shelf; it will be picked from stock and the logo, slogan or text will be engraved. Apart from having your custom imprint logo or text, there is nothing special about it as the item is no different from every other item on the shelf. On the other hand, when you request for a custom made jewelry, or a custom made order. A design is taken and redesigned to meet your needs and budget for your special event or just another day, and have your logo or slogan cast right into the piece. For instance, custom made order of your mother name crest on a gold bracelet for mother’s day. Hence, if you are making a jewelry custom made order, it means the jewelry design will be freshly produced just as you have requested to meet your style criteria.


 It’s high quality and complete piece that brings out sophistication.
 It’s uniqueness is often noticed anytime
 It’s designed to stand the test of time
 There is energy efficient in the designs
 It gives you recognition, comfort, and confidence

You feel better and more confident when you wear custom made jewelry exclusively for you.
Here at corporate recognition jewelry, we give the exact specification you need and make it appear better than you imagined. Get your custom made order jewelry at corporate recognition jewelry. Our products are efficiently made to meet your need. It is not like a stock baseball cap that is pulled from a shelf and embroidered. It starts with the raw material to the cast and forming of your desired look, finishing touches and packaged how the end-user wants it. Estimated production time is 2-6 weeks for production since we have to design, and create the die and mould for the product and then cast and finish by hand. There is a great deal of energy efficient in our production.

When you are looking for custom made order, you want to be certain that you choose the best jeweler that is skilled. If you choose corporate recognition jewelry, you will be guaranteed custom made jewelry that is designs to bring out sophistication. You will surely be satisfied switching from a regular jewelry to custom made. For affordable and exclusive custom made order, visit our website

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