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Custom Accessories

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Recognition Jewelry


Our skilled team will use your brand and logo to create ideas that best represent your company’s style! From unique achievement insignias to exquisite employee recognition awards and luxury executive gifts, your corporate logo gifts from Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. will be received with pride. 

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Custom Tier Level Programs

Multi-Level marketing jewelry is a specialty here at CMS; our designs and techniques provide the best quality gifts to your most improved and best performers.

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Fundraising Jewelry

Many organizations understand the value of fundraising and the return on quality jewelry pieces are a big hit and a great collector strategy when you add new charms etc.

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Corporate Identity

Tradeshows, conventions, and the company events are a great way to build the pride and synergy within the ranks of your employees while building a strong brand recognition and incentive programs.


For those significant times in a person’s career when a simple “thank you” won’t be adequate, reward their service and loyalty with a specially designed premium gift. Each time they wear their unique piece, it shows the pride they have in representing their company and in turn, the piece expresses how much their company values them.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.
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Top Clients & VIP Gifts

Top clients and partners play a vital role in the success of a business. Ensure they feel appreciated for their invaluable support by giving them a luxury corporate gift inspired by your logo and style. Or empower your executives with jewelry created using premium materials and precious gemstones. We’ll design works of art that represent your company’s brand and values for your leaders to wear with pride!

Note: semi-precious and precious metal production is 6 to 12 weeks production time. Depending on your production design and quantity will affect the production time. Precious and Sem-Precious cannot be rushed, and proper time is required. Production time does not include design time, administration duties that the client/ reseller does prior to confirming production time. We thank you in advance for understanding and respecting the processes required to make custom jewelry, for you and your clients.