Jewelry and Accessories for Fundraisers and Charitable Organizations

Giving back to the community has never been a bad thing. It is great to help the less-privileged no matter how you might choose to do it. This is why, understandably, fundraising of jewelry and other accessories for charity is now an accepted trend which everyone is encouraged to do. Jewelry and accessories are things we like possessing, even if we barely use them. It is a manifestation of man’s innate tendencies towards selfishness and greed.
There is no denying the fact that a good number of potential donors may have a wide range of scrap gold, earrings, necklaces, watches and other accessories that are hidden somewhere without even being used for a long period. Ironically, they may complain of not having enough financial backbone to give back to the society, so they look for ways to do so. Thereby, contributing to the cause to make a difference in the lives of others doesn’t have to be financial. Those unused jewelry and accessories placed somewhere in your closet can be used to help in charity works. Giving them to the less-chanced is a good way to help them survive these trying economic times.

1) Why jewelry and accessories are becoming huge for fundraising events

If fundraising is limited to finance, some people would be automatically disqualified probably due to their perceived weak financial capacity, they will not show up. But Selling jewelry and accessories at fundraising event make it possible for them to show up. As mentioned earlier, there has been an increase in jewelry fundraising events. One of jewelry fundraising method is Selling Scrap Gold. Fundraising can be as simple as selling unwanted jewelry and accessories such as charms, chain, pendant or anything made of diamond, gold and silver. This is something that everyone will participate in, no matter little time or money they may have. Almost everyone has jewelry at home; most are kept idle in a drawer or box. For Instance, An individual may have mismatched an earring or a broken dent pendant and contemplating disposing it. Why dispose when it can be monetized? These jewelries can bring in a significant amount of money and this is why jewelry and accessories are becoming important for fundraising events.

Another way of most unique concepts of jewelry fundraising is through a gold party. Gold party earnings are not limited. Large gold party can yield from hundreds to thousands of dollars in a short while depending on how much is available and the quality of the pieces being sold. One can raise significant amount of money for their community through a gold party.

2) The benefits of jewelry and accessories for fundraising events

Apparently, you will be curious about the attendant benefits of jewelry and other accessories for fundraisers and charitable organizations. Indeed, there are a good number of them and they are discussed below.
Shoppers Buys Generously
A major benefit to the organizer is that shoppers buy much more generously than they normally would in normal store sales because. They feel fulfilled and justified emotionally. They feel connected to the needs of the society and develop a sense of contributing to a good course and giving back to the community by buying such jewelry and other accessories from fundraising event.

They give edge in a highly competitive fundraising industry

It is no exaggeration that the fundraising industry is a very tight and competitive one. The competition becomes tighter by the day. However, custom jewelry and accessories elevate an organization to a new level of shopper loyalty while sending a strong message to everyone. They make an organization stand above others despite the stiffness of the competition. Indeed, Jewelry and other accessories make a great fundraiser. Everyone likes Jewelry and they are portable.
Also, it shows well at craft fairs and carnivals while it also does well on an order-taker basis. Jewelry also makes a great gift which is another good thing to consider when deciding on a fundraising product. In a fundraiser jewelry event, you won’t have any booth fees or competition from other jewelers. Furthermore, unlike booth fees at regular events, your donation when you do jewelry fundraisers is often tax-deductible. Summarily speaking, fundraising through jewelry and accessories broaden the potential source of funds for fundraisers and charitable organizations. This put them ahead of their peers in the fundraising industry.
Social relevance of jewelry and accessories
Jewelry and other accessories are socially relevant and recognized. They are wonderful to talk pieces and topics in every environment. Their social relevance and recognition make them to be an important part of material aspect of the community. So many organizations and associations work with CMS to be their designer and provider of these integral products. The Community Mediation Services (CMS) depends on donations and fundraisers to help support the people who lack these things and other necessities.

Tax deduction
Fundraising through jewelry and accessories is not beneficial to the fundraisers or charitable organizations alone, its benefits extend beyond. Fundraising through jewelry and other accessories helps the shoppers themselves. It allows for a tax deduction on their part. All the shoppers’ information is held in strict confidence, and it is the sole property of the charity. This beats broadcasting their address or telephone number to the public where thousands of people can view it. Thus, you are given a tax break as the whole process is shielded from the awareness of the government. This is another positive of buying jewelry and accessories for fundraisers and charitable organizations.

3) Case studies involving jewelry and accessories for fundraisers and charitable organizations
Each fundraising through jewelry and accessories case study is a success story that gives an exclusive insight into how nonprofits organizations and fundraisers are increasing donor engagement and maximizing donations. They present us with the realities obtainable from gathering funds through the donation of jewelry and other accessories. They can also be considered as success stories for everyone intending to raise funds through jewelry and other accessories.

Aleph Institute: Heroes of Hope Fundraising Dinner Gala

This fundraising event included donations and contributions financially and through other resources such as jewelry and other accessories. The result was positive as Aleph Institute event attendees pledge $191,240 worth of donations both monetarily and materially.

Alley Theatre: Mobile Messaging to Help Engage Donors All Year

Here too, 32,820 supporters subscribed to receive ongoing text messages and pledged to make donations through money and resources like jewelry and accessories. This is a good case study showing the benefit of fundraising through jewelry and accessories.

Arrowhead United Way: San Bernardino United Relief Fund

This was a fundraising event targeted at assisting people hit by tragedy. The donations made included resources like jewelry and accessories. And interestingly, Arrowhead United Way was able to gather an incredible $1.3M for the needs of those affected by the tragedy
Bet Tzedek: Year-After-Year Event Fundraising Success
Bet Tzedek fundraising event is an annual one, and remarkable success has been recorded in the ones organized so far. There are increases in donations at their annual event for the third consecutive year, and the donations are made not only through money but also other material resources. This is another success story highlighting the growing importance of jewelry and other accessories to fundraisers and charitable organizations.

Bonei Olam LA: Where Miracles Happen Dinner Gala

The fundraising event experienced donations made through material means apart from money. Jewelry and other accessories were donated as a way of contributing to the cause. Bonei Olam LA participants pledge $305,315 worth of donations with real-time results on-screen. The fundraising event was indeed a success.
California Wolf Center: Reaching Donors with SMS Updates.

The event was able to strengthen relationships with 10,575 donors with real-time updates. The donors made contributions by donating money and other resources which included jewelry and other accessories. This is another case study evidencing the increasing importance of jewelry and accessories to fundraisers and charitable organizations.

Duke Ellington: Concert Sales, Crowdfunding, and More
School of the Arts was able to raise $265,000 from more than 2000 donors. Contributions made by donors included money and other useful materials like jewelry and accessories. The event was undeniably a success and a strong indicator of how largely jewelry and accessories are to fundraisers and charitable organizations.
Faith Farm: Engages 37K Supporters with Text Messaging
Faith Farm was able to make revenues of $116,000 while saving $45,000 in marketing costs all garnered from contributions made by donors which featured not only money but other materials including jewelry and other accessories.
The Field Museum: End-to-End Online Giving Experience

The Field Museum: End-to-End Online Giving Experience is another case study evidencing how jewelry and accessories have grown to be very important to fundraisers and charitable organizations. The Field Museum raised $315,000 through online giving in the first year of implementation. The donations included not only money but also materials like jewelry and accessories.

Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter: Dances with the Stars
The event raked in donations worth $124,000 with text messaging and social media for the live event. Donors contributed money. Those who didn’t contribute money donated materials like jewelry and other accessories for the event.
Harvey Foundation: Ride for Charity Live Broadcast
This is another success story showing the importance of jewelry and accessories to fundraisers and charitable organizations. The Harvey Foundation raises $1,000,000 with live fundraising thermometer and text-to-give. Donations made included not only money. Donors also contributed through materials like jewelry and other accessories.
Inner-City Arts: CEO Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign.

The ICA personal fundraising page collects $16,630 worth of donations every three weeks from friends and family. Contributions are made both directly by money and indirectly through valuable possessions like jewelry and accessories. The fundraising campaign has been a success so far and it is another case study further strengthening the role jewelry and accessories play in fundraising these days and their growing importance and relevance to fundraisers and charitable organizations.
Salvation Army Boise: Year-End Giving Kickoff Luncheon
The Salvation Army Boise exceeded event donations goal by raising $59,000. The expectations from the event weren’t even as much as what was eventually realized. It also highlights how the importance of jewelry and other accessories to fundraisers and charitable organizations has increased over the years. Donations made featured both money and materials like jewelry and accessories.
TEAM Charter Schools: Dinner Gala to Fund a New School

This fundraising event was a success as far as it is concerned. The Team Charter School dinner gala was able to gather donations worth $51,000. The funds gathered from the donations were subsequently used to establish a new school. Among the things donated were valuable material possessions including jewelry and accessories.

Teleton USA: Annual Worldwide Fundraising Telethon
Through the power of mobile, the scheme was able to raise as much as millions for children’s hospitals. Donors made contributions both monetarily and through materials like Jewelry and accessories. This case study also further highlights how immensely important jewelry and accessories continue to be to fundraisers and charitable organizations.
United Way Central Maryland: Restore Baltimore Crowdfunding
Through the scheme, the UW of Central Maryland was able to raise $572,000 with multi-channel strategy. The amount raised was the monetary value of all the contributions made by the donors. Some contributed directly through money while others contributed by donating valuable possessions such as jewelry and accessories. The fundraising scheme was undeniably a successful one.
US Equestrian Team: Equestrians Got Talent Fundraising Event
The US Equestrian Team Foundation was able to raise more than $350,000 at a talent show/fundraising event. People made various donations to help the cause. Donations made included not only money but other resources like jewelry and accessories that have monetary value.
Yavneh Hebrew Academy: The Longest Shiur Event
The Yavneh Hebrew Academy raised $250,000 to benefit children’s education. The event was as far as it is concerned a success and also a case study further highlighting the growing importance of jewelry and other accessories to fundraisers and charitable organizations. Donations made were not limited to only money. Jewelry, accessories and other valuable material possessions were also donated.
4) How to implement a successful fundraising scheme through jewelry and accessories donation
Fundraising schemes are proven and popular ways to gather money by charitable organizations and fundraisers. To organize one with a particular focus on jewelry and other accessories and their growing importance to the trend might, however, call for a bit of technicality. In other words, to ensure the recognition and successful acceptance of jewelry and accessories as good means for fundraising, you might want to take note of a few things.
• Purpose
You have identified your purpose as to create awareness of how important jewelry and accessories are to charitable organizations and fundraisers, but this is not enough. You must highlight this purpose and emphasize. This is a first way towards actualizing your goal and objective.
• Good Leadership
For every fundraising scheme, there must be a group of people charged with the responsibility of anchoring it such as for instance, a host committee. Such committee must be thoroughly drilled about the purpose of the scheme. Their actions must be in line with what the scheme is targeted to implement.
• Target Audience
Who is the target audience for the scheme? Is it a general fundraiser where almost everyone will be invited? Or is the event geared towards a specific group such as a group of business people, parents, or maybe young professionals? In summary, you must decide whom you will get involved in the scheme. You must carefully study them to know whether or not they suit your objective properly.
• Budget
You must budget for the event. You need to consider all the expenses you have to cover for you to actualize your goals for the scheme. Your budget should include staff, invitations, space rental, entertainment, catering, transportation, security, utilities, and any other thing that will be required to make the scheme be a successful one. Also, your budget should also take into account your fundraising goal, ensuring that you raise that amount above and beyond your expenses because it will be foolish and extremely disastrous for you to raise funds that do not match up to expenses incurred.
• Marketing
To successfully implement a scheme for fundraising through jewelry and accessories, you must aggressively market it to your target audience. You need to convince your supporters that the event or scheme is worth their time, energy and money. You need to give them the confidence that they won’t be disappointed in it. Advisedly, draw up an entire marketing plan for the scheme. Good methods of marketing include using your non-profit’s fundraising network, mailed invitations, phone banks, direct mail, oral persuasion and the event host committee.
• Preparation and Practice
It is very necessary to prepare and practice adequately for the whole scheme. You should make sure that everyone who is working and anchoring the scheme knows ahead of time what their responsibilities are, where they should be during the event, and how the scheme is going to progress. A single mistake on their part might lead to slip up in the whole process. You should take note of this.
• Appreciation
More often than not, contributors and donors involved in a fundraising event would usually express their dissatisfaction without expression of gratitude by an organizer of a fundraising scheme. To successfully implement your objective, make sure you thank your audience at the end of everything for expending their money, energy and time on the event. Contributors, volunteers, staff and even vendors must all be thanked for their efforts.
5) Why the importance of jewelry and accessories to fundraising events should keep growing
As a final note, it is believed that the importance and relevance of jewelry and accessories for fundraising events and to charity organizations and fundraisers would only grow even further. The reasons for this have been highlighted above but cannot be overstressed. In a world where the fundraising industry is tightly competitive, it is only reasonable for it to grow due to the benefits derivable from it by both the fundraisers and contributors alike. And in all honesty, though, it doesn’t matter the way we choose to give back to and help the community, what matters is just to do it.

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