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Designing and manufacturing beret badges that need to be light in weight and high in detail can be a complex process. The Pipe Band 642 badge has a a 75 year history which they will be celebrating their anniversary in late 2020, the design has been in discussion for 10 years, which in the last two years CMS took the challenge to design a winning concept. We have extensive experience in producing lightweight items without compromising quality or design. Our beret badges are produced contoured to fit so as not to de-form the beret. We utilize the correct fittings to allow flush fitting of the badge to the beret and transfer to other berets without de-formation of the beret.

Cape Badge Beret

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A.

The design is a unique steel and alloy metal mixture, providing a light weight yet durable for the use in a volunteer marching band, that usually has 35 “bandies” on roll-call; CMS manufactures custom cap badges to fit shape and form whilst at the same time being lightweight, accurate in design and durable.

Our badge and uniform button designers can often produce the same design in different form to suit different applications and rank. With careful application, the same basic design of uniform buttons, beret badges and cap badges can be produced in different finishes from the same design mould to represent different ranks and status. We are experts at reproducing and improving existing designs allowing faithful recreation of extremely complicated crests and designs. With Band 642, we had over 13 concepts, with one winning design that was inspired by it’s original maple design, which years later was changed to the standard stock Royal Canadian Legion badge that was used for the majority of the years following up to the push to brand the band while maintaining it’s pledge and support with the Royal Canadian Legion.

Custom badge

Son’s of Kent can design

We create comprehensive, technical specifications for beret badges, cap badges and uniform buttons to ensure long term quality of manufacture and consistency of design. Gold and silver items are supplied hallmarked. Quality and integrity of other materials used can be verified, upon request, by independent third party testing and certification. We are able to offer our products with comprehensive warranties to ensure our clients have absolute confidence in CMS as a supplier.

The badge design has won over it’s community by the local micro-brewery “Son’s of Kent” creating Band 642 very own beer with the badge front and centre.

Custom badges

Son’s of Kent [print label]

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