Corporate Metal Solutions

At Corporate Metal Solutions S.A., also known as [CMS], our commitment is to provide our customers with the best quality product at a competitive price and with excellent service anywhere. We understand that our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers.


Support our products. Every order placed through CMS is backed by our 100% quality guarantee. At no additional cost to you, we will be happy to replace any items that exhibit defects in workmanship or materials.

Provide accurate information

Before starting production, you will be emailed a digital proof of your design. This test will be a graphical representation of the product you are ordering. This is your opportunity to make any necessary corrections or adjustments before confirming your order. After receiving your return email approving the test, and before production begins, you will be sent an email with a confirmation notification. This will contain all the details of your order, including size, type, quantity, colors and advance delivery date. This is your last chance to make the necessary changes.

Producing your custom order to your specifications and on time

After receiving your return proof approval email, you will be sent a confirmation email before starting production. This email will include all the details of your order, such as size, type, quantity, colors and estimated delivery date, giving you your last chance to make any necessary changes.

Production of your customized order according to your specifications and on time

After approving both the digital proof and the order confirmation by your payment or credit, we will produce your personalized product within 14 to 20 business days, unless otherwise stated in your quote and invoice. We will then ship your order at no additional cost to the address you have specified. In case there are special circumstances affecting production or delivery, we will notify you. The official quote will also include the special terms and conditions applicable to your custom order.

Other products for customers

All orders placed with CMS include clothing, promotional products, uniforms, uniform accessories, tactical accessories, jewelry and any other items that comply with the stated terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to order your personalized items in advance to avoid possible delays not controllable by CMS employees and/or its affiliates. Also, please note that once the order is placed, it cannot be cancelled for any reason. We do not offer refunds for personalized items, as these are specific to your business and cannot be used by others. In case of circumstances beyond the control of the parties, including but not limited to force majeure, acts of war or terrorism, supply shortages, technical failures, interruptions of computer systems, loss of data, strikes, civil unrest, delays in courier, customs delays, theft, loss in transit, etc., neither party shall be liable for delays or non-compliance. However, each party agrees to make a good faith effort to perform its obligations under this agreement. CMS does not guarantee delivery times due to possible delays of courier companies. We hope your experience when placing custom orders is excellent. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by calling +507 323 9173 or emailing us at


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FOR ALL LOGOS, TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS. By submitting your design to Corporate Metal Solutions SA, you warrant that you own the legal rights to reproduce (or have reproduced) any logo or images associated with your order, and that the production of such images does not violate the rights of third parties.

Detailed verification of the test

Once the digital proof is received, we recommend that you review it carefully, paying special attention to design, grammar and colors. If you require any changes, please do so and send us an email confirming the passing of the test. Please note that the use of incorrect terminology will result in an unsolicited product, being the responsibility of the customer.

Disclaimer: In our company we use the Pantone™ PMS color matching system. Because the display of colors on computer monitors can vary, it is crucial that color options are indicated through Pantone PMS numbers. For more information, please visit Pantone's website  at PMS color books are available at most art supply stores, printers, and libraries. All PMS numbers will appear at the bottom of the test for easy verification. In addition, we use the Pantone color chart with solid coating.

Order Confirmation Details Review:

After receiving your proof, you will be provided with an order confirmation. Please review the information carefully. If everything is correct, please return it to start the production process. Attention: Once an order has been approved and confirmed, it cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Provide Correct Shipping Information:

The order will be produced and shipped after design approval within 10-20 days for flap pins and 14-25 days for badges (please note exceptions to our delivery schedule). We cannot be held responsible for shipping delays caused by incorrect address information, local and international customs procedures, incorrect routing of your package or undeliverable shipping addresses, as well as requests for address changes and natural and divine events."

Legal Details:

All orders are irrevocable. Due to the customized nature of the products we supply/manufacture, all transactions are final and cannot be cancelled for any reason. CMS does not provide refunds. It is agreed that we will replace, within 30 days of receipt, any non-precious metal items that exhibit defects in materials or workmanship. For precious metal items, defects are required to be returned for replacement. In the event of a legal dispute, it is agreed that the place for such dispute shall be in Panama City, country of Panama. If the dispute involves illegal use of copyright or trademark infringement, you agree to defend the claim at your own expense and pay damages and costs assessed against CMS and its affiliates as a result of any lawsuit or proceeding. You further agree that CMS products will be harmless in any lawsuit or proceeding. The lapel pins/pins or military swap badges displayed on this website that contain corporate logos or trademarks are for CMS playback capabilities only. The purchase of merchandise from CMS does not grant you in any way permission to reproduce logos nor does it transfer, grant or rent ownership of any logo or trademark. In accordance with our guarantees, terms and conditions and the pages of our website, it is reported that there is no possibility of cancellation of orders. Your product has been designed exclusively for you and is not allowed to be marketed to third parties. The quote may include additional information about terms and conditions related to your unique product and design. Keep in mind that your product may present different than 2D and 3D illustrations in reality.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. Jewelry and Stone Warranty:

All jewelry products have a one-year limited warranty for workmanship/material/manufacturer, whichever is greater. Corporate Metal Solutions S.A., at its discretion, will replace or repair, not to exceed the original purchase price, the products for defects in workmanship or material, not including the cost of gemstones, constructed with at least 10k precious metal quality, for a period of one year from the date of shipment. All metal products are warranted against manufacturing defects at the time of shipment from the factory and are not covered by rust or discoloration. Workmanship or material defect of synthetic stones will be covered by replacement at no cost, not exceeding the original purchase price, for a period of six months from the date of shipment. Abuse, neglect, discoloration, oxidation of base metals, copper, platinum, real gold or sterling silver, as well as any product of metallic material will not be covered by the warranty. Gemstones are guaranteed to be free from defects at the time of shipment from the factory, but there is no guarantee for loss of gemstones.

Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. shall not be liable for any further damages, including loss of profits or any other type of indirect or consequential damage, due to defects, delays or breach or claimed breach of these conditions, and disclaims any liability for such damages in full. Any product that requires warranty consideration must be returned in accordance with the "Return" policy to our factory for evaluation. Unnecessary charges may be incurred if the product is shipped to Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. without prior authorization. Items returned without authorization will be discarded 30 days after receipt. A quote for uncovered repairs will be provided prior to initiating any repairs. Returns will not be accepted by the factory without a "Return Merchandise Authorization" issued by Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. Acceptance of returned products does not mean a credit or refund. No refunds are provided for any custom-made or printed items. All authorizations for returns other than due to applicable workmanship or material defects, as determined by Corporate Metal Solutions S.A., must be requested within 10 days of receipt of the shipment. Unnecessary charges may be incurred if the product is shipped to Corporate Metal Solutions S.A. without prior authorization.

Note: production of semi-precious and precious metals; production time of 6 to 12 weeks. The quantity and design of production will affect production time. Precious and semi-precious metals cannot be accelerated and adequate time is required. Production time does not include design time or administrative tasks that the customer/reseller performs before confirming production time. We thank you in advance for understanding and respecting the processes necessary to create custom jewelry for you and your customers.