Corporate Identity

Brand Identity: Every brand needs a story

There are lots of companies, brands and products. At the end of the day, what counts is the story being told – and whether this story resonates with your audience. Carving out your brand’s identity helps position your brand more clearly in the market and sheds a new light on your products. It helps your customers identify your brand more quickly but can also inspire and move them at a deeper level.

Brand Strategy: Identify a clear path for your brand

An effective brand strategy sends a strong message about your brand. We take a close look at your company: the founding history, the management, the employees, and the market. After analyzing the status quo we help you define long-term goals for your brand and develop solutions that fit your products and your needs. Though we develop strategies for brands, we never lose sight of the people that make it all happen. That way the implementation follows smoothly.

Branded Content: Every brand needs a story

Good stories engage an audience at an emotional level and leave a lasting impression. How is it done? By tying all of your stories together: whether it’s a newsletter, a blog post, a magazine, a direct mailing or company logo – every means of communication and content should reinforce your brand’s story. Because strategies and brand concepts are worth just as much as what comes afterwards. We develop long-term cross-media communication campaigns that increase the awareness and reach of your brand

Production: Executing effective living experience

To make a brand exciting, it needs to be relevant, it must produce intelligent content, offer meaningful interactions and transport a coherent message across all media. It is only through the interplay of various communication media that a brand becomes more than just a name. Offer your customers a direct point of entry to your brand: from the website to the product packaging to the catalog, from the business stationery to the trade show stand. The rest happens by itself: people love strong brands.

Implementation: Talking and walking your brand into action

Your brand is only as good as the people behind it. In order for your employees to truly understand your brand and to make it come to life, one must lay the proper groundwork; brand awareness starts with you – and your team. This requires efficient implementation strategies, as well as concrete measures at a corporate level to help you facilitate change. We help you motivate your teams around new goals and accompany you with demanding change processes. Because at the end of the day, it is your employees who will carry your brand and carry its success.

Communication: All means of communication and all communication content should reinforce your brand’s profile.

Strategies, appearances and brand theories are only as good as their results after actual implementation. Berlin’s branding agency Real-gestalt not only develops long-term communication campaigns, but also catalogues, brochures, sales literature, magazines, Direct Mailings, exhibition concepts, guidance systems, signages and more.

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